• Linear Drive Stages
    Our linear drive stages are available on all system models and provide the accuracy and repeatability needed to pattern small features day in and day out.
  • Optics
    Our Fast Switch Optics option allows users to pattern different size features using different reduction lenses for faster throughput.
  • Photoresist
    Standard photoresist patterning to make masks is available on all of our SF-100 models.
  • Cylindrical Patterning
    Patterning on cylinders is simple, using our rotational substrate stage. Here, parallel lines are patterned along the length of a 1 cm diameter tube.
  • SF-100 XCEL
    The SF-100 XCEL can be fitted with a manual stage.

Maskless Lithography for Your Toughest Applications

Intelligent Micro Patterning is where researchers go when they need unique, novel, and imaginative lithographic patterning solutions. Using our patented smart filter technology, our company partners with technologists that seek distinctive and innovative technologies to accomplish their goals.

Sure, we can pattern photomasks, silicon wafers and other standard materials.  But our real strengths are being able to work with our customers to provide exacting and flexible solutions to their unique needs.  Through close collaboration and team work, we enable micro patterning solutions that outperform the customer’s original objectives, providing total customer satisfaction. All of this is performed in a cooperative and flexible organization and has resulted in Intelligent Micro Patterning being globally recognized as the leader in our served markets.

We offer 3 distinct maskless lithography systems to meet the needs of our customers. All of these systems can be further customized through the inclusion of specific system options or custom engineering solutions so our customers always get the system they need to get the job done. The result is that our customers never outgrow their patterning capabilities and SF-100’s are used for years after their purchase.

Please browse these pages to learn more about our products, our people, and the successes that our customers routinely enjoy.

Sub-Micron Smart Filter Technology Now Available on All SF-100 Models

We are pleased to announce this new capability is available as an option on all our systems. Our users now have access to sub-micron photolithography processes at an affordable price.

Please contact Intelligent Micro Patterning sales at sales@intelligentmp.com or your local salesperson to learn more about this new and exciting capability.

Energy Measurements are now a Snap!

Use our Multiwavelength Spectrometer to get full energy measurements for wavelengths between 200 and 1100nm. Measurements can be taken at the substrate surface, so you get true exposure energy readings.

Contact sales@intelligentmp.com for more information on this new measurement device.

Need to Process in a Controlled Environment?
Our CEPC Module is Just What You Need

We now provide an easy to use option on the SF-100 XPRESS and SF-100 XTREME that allows our users to run photolithographic processes in controlled atmospheres or at vacuum levels. Eliminate oxygen and moisture for sensitive materials, ensure the purity of your environment by using inert gases such as argon or nitrogen, or process your substrates in a vacuum environment. All are easily accomplished using our Controlled Environmental Process Chamber, or CEPC.

Contact us at sales@intelligentmp.com to learn more about this exciting option.